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Innovation in Practice (Creative Business Solutions) is based on introducing companies to innovative strategies by promoting creative and provocative thinking in their areas of expertise. This professional support is unique in that it focuses on solving problems, perfecting processes and promoting futuristic marketing ideas. The emphasis is on interpreting existing consumer markets, while at the same time, creating new and novel market needs and developing products accordingly.

We believe that a company that wishes to become a leader in its field must be in constant quest of improvement. Innovative development of services and products is based first and foremost upon innovative development of needs that should be aimed towards a distinctive type of consumer.

The processes are driven by the idea of constantly experiencing and conveying personal gain, thus going beyond conventional professional gains.

Apart from projects of Innovation, Creative Business Solutions is known for its leading programs on leadership. Over 8000 managers have been trained in a variety of workshops led by Dr. Orit Wolf- from Problem Solving, to Powerful Presentation, Negotiation Skills, Decision Making, Team Work and Creative Marketing.

The company has gained considerable success as well as numerous prizes in a large variety of international organizations for developing creative products, building innovative marketing systems, cultivating new customer experience platforms, and implementing change in all sectors of the organization- from HR to Finance.

While working with influential leaders and top talents, we believe in the power of crowd. We are convinced that the ultimate solutions are always found by integrating different minds and experts. It’s never by merely engaging the highest hierarchy of the company. The opportunity for real change is hidden behind the knowledge, experience, and motivation of each person in the business. It’s our task to educe its talents.

Selected customers include: IBM, Visa, NDS, Cisco, Teva, FedEx, Verint, Orange, Team, ECI, Eli Lilly, Bayer and UBank (For full list- refer to our Customers tab).




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