Training Methods

We believe that each training should contain 3 crucial aspects:

  1. Experience: exposure to dozens of concrete exercises, while enabling the participants to be personally and socially challenged.
  2. Learning: This is the “tool” part- the strategies and methods of how to approach obstacles and dilemmas through innovation in the participants’ working setting.

Implementation: This third principal is a must. All that was learned and experienced must be examined in the actual environment of the participant/ organization. True Implementation will guarantee focus, relevancy and success we aim for.

  • Guest lectures: 
    lectures of 60-90 minutes each. Intended for 30 to 1000 participants (customized). The lectures are based on the categories listed in the professional content page.
  • Workshops:
    homogeneous and heterogeneous workshops. Up to 14 participants per workshop. Length of workshops varies according to specific projects and professional content. All workshops are interactive, experiential and actively involve the participants.
    Half a day workshop:            9:00-13:00
    Full day workshop:               9:00-16:00
  • Private coaching:
    individual, one-on-one training, 60-90 minutes per meeting. Individual training is based on predefining a joint course of several meetings. The emphasis is on defining explicit objectives and providing tools for their implementation in a predetermined amount of time.
  • Creative coaching development (NEW!):
    This unique, innovative category is based on the understanding that team work which uses the principles of primary and secondary creative thinking (Orit Wolf’s exclusive method) is highly productive, especially when the name of the game is innovation and creativity in organizations. This type of training is tailored to a maximum of 5 participants. It will be carried out during the course of several meetings (3-5) of 90 minutes each.


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