Our Philosophy

All our programs involve innovation, both in content and in training. We therefore look at Innovation in a rather global outlook in both the cultural side of the organization, as well as its professional side, i.e. building “bank” of new ideas for the organization (product development, creative marketing techniques, sales’ strategies, customer’s facing and unique & productive in-house communication).

In order to reach this level of Innovation, we believe the organization should approach the following principals:

  1. Innovation should be part of all hierarchies of the organization. From top managers to the newest employee- the platform for bringing in new ideas- should be one and equal between all partners and workers of the company.
  2. We should give place for “mistakes” and “errors” as an initial part of the innovation process.
  3. The organization should commit to fully examine the ideas brought up. Great ideas that do not receive the right resources by the management– might turn into failure.
  4. Innovation is a daily training process. It is not merely a “project” or a “workshop”, but rather an endless practise that needs its engaging work and implementation.


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