Hadas Bashan

Hadas founded NEXSTEP in order to offer growing, merging and globally or locally expanding companies, high-end business & IT strategy services. She brings to NEXSTEP over 25 years of experience of management, entrepreneurship and consulting skills, as CIO in multiple organizations and by working alongside BODs and high level management professionals.

Hadas’ unique multi disciplinary point of view is comprised of a strong globally oriented business approach and socials agendas. She holds a B.A degree in Math and Computer sciences from Ben-Gurion University and M.A degree in Math and Computer sciences from Haifa University.

Prior to this position in NEXTEP, Hadas served as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Netafim, Zeraim Gedera, Federman Group, acting CIO of the Jewish Agency and worked for some more global companies.

NEXSTEP, that Hadas is the Founder & CEO, is a strategic business and IT consulting firm, Consulting with Integrity & Objectivity Approach, offering advanced and customized services to growing, merging and globally expanding businesses. When a large organization seeks to improve business and information processes within the organization, or is looking for new IT systems- We step in.

NEXSTEP brings rich experience and high-end methodology skills, in designing processes through long or short term roadmaps. We also have vast experience in creating valuable partnerships with BOD’s and high management levels within the organization.

We are closely familiar and frequently work with all major IT and business systems as ERP, CRM etc’.

Nextep team is comprised of a professional network of business and information experts as well as strategic partners, serving large organizations with integrity and objectivity.

Nextep provides top speed project design & supervision services and cutting edge custom complementary tools as well as Cutting Edge Cloud Solutions.