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Rachel Brushfield is a talent liberator, who both helps her clients to come up with insights & ideas and shares insights and ideas of her own = double value. If worry about creating new innovation is keeping you awake at night, don’t, as Rachel’s brain is awake at night coming up with new insights and ideas to help you create innovation and differentiation and always from a client centric perspective.

Rachel is an INTJ (Myers Briggs), especially rare amongst women with INTJs known for their inventiveness, curiosity and enterprise. The word ‘can’t’ isn’t in Rachel’s dictionary and common phrases are ‘what about’, ‘what if’ and ‘how can we?’ Rachel is insightful, incisive and curious in approach, plus strategic, analytical and creative, highly practical and down to earth and she keeps up with trends and best practice through high quality networks globally. She is a natural connector of people and ideas cross discipline; marketing, learning and knowledge, brand, talent, diversity & inclusion and careers. She creates and protects time regularly for quality thinking, essential for innovation in a fast moving and uncertain world, and mines insights from her diverse knowledge library, creating new connections.

Projects span multiple market sectors, vital for new innovation when it is harder and harder to be truly innovative, including; food, retail, consumer goods, household, health and professional services. Projects include; how to make take home beer interesting for Interbrew and how to encourage girls to continue sport after leaving school for Nike. Rachel’s clients include corporates, firms as well as many nimble entrepreneurs and small businesses collectively nibbling at the heels of the market shares of giant established successful but slower moving businesses.

Rachel has over 28 years’ experience and her career heritage encompasses marketing, brand & communications strategy and consultancy for design, advertising and innovation consultancies including JWT, part of the global network WPP, coaching, talent and careers, so not only can she support you with innovative ideas, she can also help you in marketing them and engaging your employees to make them happen.

Rachel is a published author on talent management, professional development, and over 18 articles including equality for innovation. Rachel’s creativity doesn’t stop when she closes the office door. In her spare time, she writes poems, makes hand-made cards and invents new recipes.

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